Who We Are

Who We Are & What We Do

The Lake Region Lakes Management District is an independent special taxing district. It was established by a special act of the Florida Legislature. The governing body of the District consists of three elected commissioners.


Number of Lakes within District Boundaries:

  • South Chain of Lakes – 16
  • North Chain of Lakes – 9
  • Individual Lakes – 35
  • Total in District – 60

Size of Lakes:

Largest on north chain is Lake Hamilton with 2,162 acres
Largest on south chain is Lake Eloise with 1,160 acres
Lake Howard is 628 acres –
Lake Winterset is 548 acres –
Lake Hartridge is 434 acres
Lake Spring is the smallest lake on the south chain at 25 acres.

Size of the District: Approximately 53 square miles

Number of Navigable Canals: Seventeen

Number of boat ramps:

  • Built – 21
  • Maintain – 21

Water Control Structures:

  • Control/Operate – 13
  • Built – 4

Number of employees: Twelve

Areas of Work

The Lakes Management District designs, builds, and maintains its own docks, boat ramps, and seawalls. The District has the responsibility of operating and maintaining numerous lake level management structures.

In order that these structures operate properly, the canals leading to them and away from them must also be maintained. The District is also involved in water quality projects, which are frequently done in conjunction with other agencies.